Last Updated Dec 2, 2019

Reptiles with Ron

Stop by the Bushy Hill Nature Center on Sundays to meet and learn about some of our resident reptiles up close and personal. Ron, our reptile expert, will introduce our turtles, tortoises, a dragon (the bearded kind), snakes, and our friendly Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, too!
Guests of all ages are welcome!

When: Every Sundays, 1:00pm – 2:00pm (No class, November 17)

Location: Bushy Hill Nature Center Lawn

Price*: Free event open to the public

*Please check our Facebook Events Page for the most up-to-date information on class cancellations.

Registration Not Required
Reptiles with Ron

Crack Your Own Geodes Workshops

with Ron Nemeth

The best geodes in the world are used in these workshops for people of all ages to enjoy. The two main types of geodes, Las Choyas Coconut and Trancas, both come from lava flows from thousands of volcanic eruptions that occurred over one hundred million years ago in what is now the province of Chihuahua, Mexico, about 220 miles south of El Paso, Texas. Bubbles of lava slowly cooled over time trapping gases, elements and minerals that, inside Las Choyas Coconut Geodes (called coconut because they have a hollow interior like coconuts), formed beautiful crystals of quartz in clear, light blue, light to very dark grey, lavender, and, in some of them, beautiful purple amethyst quartz crystal formations.

The Trancas Geodes, formed in similar ways to the Las Choyas, have beautiful combinations of quartz in clear, light blue, snow, light to a very dark grey, and sometimes spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations, like crystal caves.

All geodes are of high quality, at least 2.5″ in size, and guaranteed to be hollow and gorgeous inside!

Pricing includes all tools and materials, a geode, and an additional special surprise gift!

Let’s Get Cracking!

Geode Grouping
Kids with Geode

When: Sunday, November 10th

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