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Indigenous School Program

Indigenous Studies

This 2-2.5 hour program is a window to the past. Students are transported back in time and given the unique opportunity to view the daily living skills of different Native American cultures. Our wigwam is set up to illustrate the life and technologies in prehistoric Connecticut, as well as the contact period of seventeenth century New England. We also feature a tipi site designed to showcase the plains culture, their nomadic lifestyle and their dependence on bison. Open and tailored to all age groups pre-k to high school. Offered all year, both on-site or at schools.

Hands-on stations to select from:
~ Northeastern Woodland Native American Life: Wigwam Living (all ages)
~ Plains Native American Life: Tipi living (all ages)
~ Fire by Friction: Using a Bow Drill to make fire (Grade 3 and up)
~ Cordage Making: Learn how to make rope from plant fibers (all ages)
~ Archery: Learn how to shoot an arrow at our buffalo and deer targets (Grade 3 and up)
~ History of Hunting Tools: See how hunting tools progressed over time (Grade 3 and up)
~ Animal Forms and Tracking: Learn how to identify animals based on how they move at the tracks they leave behind (all ages)
~ Shelter Building: Learn how to make a debris hut in the woods (Grade 1 and up)
~ Atlatl Throwing: Practice using an atlatl, an Indigenous hunting tool, to hit targets in our field. (Grade 3 and up)
~ Native American and Colonial Games: Play some of the same games children played over a hundred years ago! (All ages)
~ Corn Husk Doll Making: Make your own corn husk doll and learn about the history behind the children’s toy. (Grade 3 and up. Younger children can do this will adult help)

The Wetlands Program

This is our most popular spring program. Students participate in an active 2.5 hour exploration of a variety of wetland habitats. The program features exploring our Atlantic white cedar swamp (from a boardwalk), a vernal pool and a guided probe of a diversely populated specimen pond. Indoors students have the opportunity to dive into a drop of water, seeing all the various microscopic organisms living in just one drop through our state of the art bioscope. An extension lesson involving our turtles is also available. Focus is on the importance of wetlands in connection to people, animals and the environment. Open and tailored to grades kindergarten to eight. Call for more information on how to bring this program to your location.

Team Building

Team Building Program

Our team building course features state-of-the-art initiatives, innovative props, 6 high and 12 low ropes challenge course elements, countless field games and exercises in leadership that will serve an invaluable role in the functioning of a group, and in the empowerment of each individual.Our certified staff will facilitate an initiative to the group with problems that require solutions. Participants can expect a physically and emotionally safe environment to build trusting and trustworthy behaviors, enhance effective communication, and to promote effective group problem solving skills. The group will reflect on their performance and transfer lessons learned to other areas of life. The tried and true methods of experiential education are continuing to challenge and empower the adventurer in each one of us! Best for ages 6 – adult.

Maple Sugaring

As the winter snows slowly recede, the days begin to get longer. We know that spring is just around the corner. This has traditionally been the time in New England to harvest the sweet sap of the sugar maple tree. Our two hour program uses the process of making maple syrup to teach math, science and nature awareness. Students come away with an understanding of the whole syrup making process from the tree to the sugar house to the table. Open and tailored to all ages and grades.