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Bushy Hill Nature Center Home School Series:

Homeschool Pursuits


  • Monday = Young Naturalists
  • Wednesday = Beginner Naturalists
  • Friday = Teen Naturalists (Naturalists In Training can attend all and any days)

Times: 12pm – 3:00pm

Cost: $25 per individual (Payments can be made by Card, Check, or Cash and all payments need to be made in advance prior to attending. Checks should be made out to Incarnation Center)

Destination: Bushy Hill Nature Center

Description: The following Home School Opportunities are brought to you by Bushy Hill Nature Center Staff. All individuals running the workshops are experts in the field, and will give you a diverse amount of information that obtains to the skill at hand.

These programs are going to be offered in 3 different seasons and will run for 8 weeks in each season: Fall, Winter, Spring, and all programs can run indoors and outdoors.

All programs will be offered to 3 different age groupings and a training program will be offered for kids 14 & Up which is as follows:

Grades/(Ages): Young Naturalists K-3 (5-8) * Beginner Naturalists 3-6 (8-11) *
Teen Naturalists 6-8 (11-14) * Naturalists In Training (N.I.T.) 9-Up (14 & Up)

Cost is per child attending the course and is based off of a standard 2 hour course. Any adults & children under the age of 5 are free of charge (if adult is attending with younger child be ready to carry and aid children when needed.) Sibling discount 5%. Bushy Hill Nature Center has the right to vary all & any costs of classes accordingly. Lastly, payment will have to be made before attending a scheduled class, a flat rate of $40 will be the adjusted cost if you are a drop in attendee.

Please note we do not account for all holidays. It is your responsibility to see if program dates fall on personal holidays observed.

Cancellation can only be accepted by notifying us by email to info@bushyhill.org

Cancellation policies are based on our investment in staff, program planning, as well as equipment purchases before your program. We cannot recover our expenses if you cancel. Short-notice cancellations often prevent others from attending.

Canceling registration in any program will forfeit the deposit for that program and cannot be applied to another balance due. If you must cancel please provide at least 30 days notice. Cancellations 30 days or more before the first day a program begins will receive a full refund less the non-refundable deposit.

Cancellations from 7 days to 30 days prior to a program to receive 50% program credit (non-transferable and valid for one year), 50% balance forfeited. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to a program will receive no credit and no refund. Once a program begins you are responsible for paying your remaining balance regardless of changes to your enrollment.

Our instructors design programming, gather materials, and commit themselves based on enrollment. By following through on your financial commitment you are supporting the work we do and valuing the time and labor of our staff in making our high quality programming possible.

Our programs run in most weather conditions, but we may cancel due to unsafe driving conditions, extreme cold or other unsafe conditions. In the event of a weather cancellation we will attempt to schedule a make-up day whenever possible. If you are wondering if a program may be cancelled due to weather, please call your program’s coordinator to check on the status of the program. We will email you if the program is cancelled due to inclement weather.

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Pursuit Programs:

Fire Pursuits:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the School Year Months (September – May)
  • Ages: 5 and up (see individual themes for age restrictions)
    • Fire Workers (5-8) Ages: 5 & up – Learn all the different keys to creating a successful and safe fire
    • Fire Builders Ages: 8 & up – Learn all the different keys to creating a successful and safe fire and build it yourself
    • Fire Creators Ages: 10 & up – Learn all the different keys to creating a successful and safe fire, build it, and light it yourself
    • Bow Drill Ages: 11 & up – Experiment and learn how to create and operate a Bow Drill Set
    • Hand Drill Ages: 11 & up – same as above
    • Flint & Steel Ages: 11 & up – same as above

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Indigenous Arts Pursuits:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the School Year Months (September – May)
  • Ages: All Ages (see individual themes for age restrictions
    • Cordage/Rope Making Ages: 5 & up – Understand different fibrous materials around us that you may used to create rope, and then learn the technique behind rope making
    • Felting Ages: 5 & up – Learn how to shape and maneuver fibrous material in a specific way to make a cloth product.
    • Sanding (Sandpaper) Ages: 5 & up – Fine woodworking finished products
    • Pottery Ages: 5 & up – Pinch Pottery and shaping of clay
    • Animal Forms & Movement Ages: 5 & up – I.D. animals and their movements and tracks
    • Fairy/Gnome Huts Ages: 5 & up – Build and create small model homes and villages.
    • Cooking over the Fire Ages: 5 & up – All ages will be provided with food and taught the correct fire cooking methods (Ages 11 & up will be asked to forage for some of their food for their meal).
    • Bone Carving Ages: 8 & up – Learn how to shape and maneuver bone to make beautiful art work.
    • Weaving Ages: 8 & up – Learn how to manipulate and create patterns and cloth through the art of weaving.
    • Burning (Woodworking) Ages: 8 & up – Use the art of burning to shape wood into tools/utensils
    • Tracking Ages: 8 & up – Tracking animals in the wilderness ,learning their habitats and way of life.
    • Debris Huts Ages: 8 & up – Build and create a shelter that is useful in a survival situation.
    • Flint Knapping Ages: 11 & up – Experiment and learn how to shape stone in an indigenous manner.
    • Basketry Ages: 11 & up – Create your own basket.
    • Carving (Woodworking) Ages: 11 & up – Use knives and edges to help shape wood in a safe and productive manner.
    • Scouting Ages: 11 & up – Obtain the knowledge of how different animals around us move and live, and adapt that to our own movement through our surrounding land.
    • Create Your Own Hut Ages: 11 & up – Build and create your own shelter that you could survive in.

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Naturalist Pursuits:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the School Year Months (September – May)
  • Ages: All Ages (see individual themes for age restrictions)
    • Soil & Insect/Invertebrates I.D. Hikes Ages: 5 & up – Explore our property and I.D. soil samples and insects and their uses.
    • Plant & Land/Aquatic Animals I.D. Hikes Ages: 8 & up – Explore our property and I.D. plants and mushrooms and their uses.
    • Tree & Land/Aquatic Bird I.D. Hikes Ages: 11 & up – Explore our property and I.D. Trees and their uses.
    • Aquatic Canoe/Kayak/Water Fun Activities Ages: All Ages (children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult) – (Lifeguards provided) Explore our mile long lake with guided tours visiting our active Beaver Lodge, Historical Dam, and maybe some nice swimming hot spots. Bring your bathing suit and towel!

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Property Pursuits:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the School Year Months (September – May)
  • Ages: All Ages (see individual themes for age restrictions)
    • Indigenous Technologies Ages: All Ages – Create and maintain Monoliths, Petroglyphs and Shelters that Bushy Hill Nature Center uses year round
    • Farming/Gardening/Composting/Recycling Ages: All Ages – Create and maintain sustainable living on our property by using our Farm, Animal Room, and more.
    • Challenge Course Ages: All Ages – Climb, jump, and swing through our Low and High Ropes Course using various elements to build character and self-esteem through cooperation and teamwork.

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Science Pursuits:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the School Year Months (September – May)
  • Ages: All Ages (see individual themes for age restrictions)
    • Rockets Ages: All Ages – Create rocketships using a wide selection of materials. We’ll see whose rocket will blast off and reach the highest height!
    • Egg Drop Ages: All Ages – Create a structure that can protect an egg dropping from a specific height.
    • Snot Ages: All Ages – Make a goopy, gloppy, snot like substance that you can play with and use to gross others out!
    • Balloon “Flinkers” Ages: All Ages – Run experiments to figure out how to get a balloon filled with Helium to float and sink, or “Flink,” in mid air.
    • Thaumatropes Ages: All Ages
    • Milk Fireworks: All Ages

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Naturalists In Training (N.I.T.) Program:

  • Offered: Seasonally during the school year months (September – May) & all 3 days of the week
  • A Naturalist In Training is expected to be a leader, role model, and positive individual. They need to be aged out of our Teen Naturalist program (15+ years old.) The individual is not guaranteed a spot in our N.I.T program, they are allowed to apply for it, and if they have met the requirements listed above, and met their rights of passages listed below they will be considered. These individuals are seen as potential teachers and/or naturalists, and need to have the will and desire to teach and share their skill. N.I.T. can have skills learned from equivalent programs approved by the Bushy Hill Staff.
    • Teach all phases of Fire Making and be able to ignite a successful fire (Oxygen, Tinder, Kindling, Fuel, Ignition)
      Teach and build a Debris Hut
    • Be able to teach and successfully complete at least 3 of the Indigenous Pursuits Skills
    • Be able to hike and I.D. all different levels of Naturalist Pursuits Program (Soil/Insect, Plant/Animal, Tree/Birding)

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Alumni Home Schoolers: (TBD)