Farm Animals

We are fortunate to have a number of farm residents who enrich both our programming and our family at Bushy Hill. Each animal has its own unique story of how she came to our farm and each has a distinct personality that adds character to the Bushy Hill community. Many of our animals were donated by folks who sought out a retirement space for their farm animals.

For $40 per year, you can sponsor one of our farm animals and help contribute towards their costs and care. Sponsoring is simple—take the time to click on their pictures and stories below and read a little about each animal. Once you’ve chosen, complete our Sponsorship Form. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

“Goats”Sponsorship Form

Goat-Lollipop-1 Lollipop is an Nigerian Dwarf goat, a miniature dairy goat breed of West African ancestry. Lollipop has a gentle and independent spirit. She prefers hanging out with her animal friends (especially wolf and the llamas) to her humans, but is always game for a good ear scratching.
Goat-Phoenix-1 Phoenix is an Alpine goat. The Alpine goat breed originated in the French Alps and they are known for their rich dairy production. The milk from Alpine goats can be made into butter, cheese, soap, ice cream or any other dairy product normally made from cow’s milk. Phoenix is an incredibly social and friendly goat who loves hanging out with her animal friends (especially Phoebe the pig!) and human friends. Come visit her!—she will gleefully march right over to say hello!
Goat-Grayson Grayson is a pure breed Oberhasli with brown and black coloring. Purebred Oberhasli goats are an American breed of hornless dairy goats that descend from five Chamois Colored goats that were imported to the US from Switzerland in 1936. Grayson actually wasn’t supposed to become a Bushy Hill resident, but when Director Stephen Trojan traveled to Beltane Farm in Lebanon, CT to pick up Lily, Boris and Lucy, Grayson proceeded to follow him around to the point that he just couldn’t resist bringing her back to Bushy Hill too. Grayson has a sweet, calm and friendly personality. She gets along well with her sisters, Lucy and Helen, and loves attention from her humans.
Goat-Lucy Lucy is a Oberhalsi/Saanen mix. Saanen goats are always white or cream colored and the breed is named for the Saanen Valley in Switzerland. Saanens were originally brought to the US in the century and are among the most popular dairy goat breeds due to their high productivity and early 21st mellow temperaments. Lucy has a happy-go-lucky personality. She loves playing with her sisters and getting attention from her humans.
Goat-Natasha Helen is Saanen/Lamancha mix with black and white coloring. Lamanchas are a breed of dairy goat that originates from Oregon. They are known for their high milk production and distinctive short ear pinnae (the visible part of the ear). Helen is a wonderful addition to Bushy Hill Farm- she is always happy and loves playing with her sisters, Lucy and Grayson.
Goat-Boris Boris is our only male goat at Bushy Hill. He is of the Saanen breed and true to his breed Boris has a calm personality and is easily adaptable . Boris enjoys wandering around his pasture eating grass and oak leaves and even occasionally skipping and jumping around (when he assumes that no one is watching!). That said, he loves getting attention from his animal and human friends. Make sure to come say hello to this hansom fellow when you visit Bushy Hill Farm!

“Pig”Sponsorship Form

Pig-Phoebe-4 Phoebe is Bushy Hill Farm’s one and only pig. She is a Pot-Bellied Pig—a breed of domesticated pig that originated in Vietnam. Phoebe has a wonderful personality—she is confident, friendly and sociable. She gets along well with the other animals, all of whom seem to show her the upmost respect. She loves people and will run right over to you if you come to visit and yell her name and loves long belly rubs.

“Llamas”Sponsorship Form

Llama-Buck-1 Buck, Lucky, Charm and Sweet Pea—We currently have four wonderful llamas at Bushy Hill—all are 8 years-old. The llamas get along really well with one another and with the other farm animals. Llamas have been known to be great livestock guard animals and this certainly holds true for our experience with them at Bushy Hill as they watch over the entire “pack” and protect all of our animals from predators. Our llamas are very curious and cautious. They always investigate noises on our farm and will come over to say “hello” (albeit from a bit of a distance!) to our farm visitors.

“Peacock”Sponsorship Form

Peacock-Pickles Pickles is our resident peacock at Bushy Hill Farm. Peacocks, or Peafowl, are native to the Indian subcontinent. Pickles is our only farm animal that is allowed free range of Incarnation Center’s property. You can find him hanging around the farm with the other animals, sitting up in the trees or (most often) hanging around the two kitchens on site where he likes to bug our chefs for treats.

“Rabbit”Sponsorship Form

Rabbit-Candy-1 Candy is Bushy Hill Farm’s New Zealand White Rabbit. Despite its name, the WNZ Rabbit breed is commonly known to have been developed in the US. Candy arrived at Bushy Hill as a generous anonymous donation. We took him in with open arms and have enjoyed his friendly personality. He is incredibly sweet. He is by far one of the most enjoyable animals to pet at Bushy Hill due to his unique and incredibly soft coat.

“Donkeys”Sponsorship Form

Donkey-Thelma Thelma is a 12 year-old female donkey with dark brown coloring. She is very sweet and is the most outgoing of our three donkeys. She enjoys hanging out with Ace and Jack who frequently follow her around the pasture. Thelma is very social and enjoys being brushed and pet behind her ears. All of our Donkeys were donated by Dolly Parton (Yes, THAT Dolly Parton!) from her ranch in Tennessee.
Donkey-Jack Jack is an 8 year-old male mini donkey, and his coloring is tan/grey he has a brown cross on his back. Jack is the bigger of the two male donkeys and loves a good belly scratch or pat. He can at times be seen swinging around the donkey toys like a big dog might play. Ace is our other male 8 year-old mini donkey, and he is also tan/grey and has a brown cross on his back.
Donkey-Ace-2 Ace is the smaller of the two male donkeys and at times will be seen backing his behind up to you. This is nothing to be worried about! He just wants to be scratched on his lower back and will thank you with a loud bray.

“Miniature Horse”Sponsorship Form

Speedy Speedy is our 6 year-old female miniature horse. Speedy was donated by a member of Clinton’s Holy Advent Episcopal Church. Recently, Speedy has taken the summer off from Bushy Hill to live in the large vegetable garden at Holy Advent. At the church, Speedy has paid numerous visits to the elderly care facility next door where she has charmed residents and made many new friends. We are excited to have her back on the property!