Sponsor a Bushy Hill Farm Animal

At Bushy Hill we adore all of our animal friends! Not only do they enrich our educational programming but each animal has become part of the Bushy Hill family. Our Bushy Hill Farm “Sponsor an Animal” program is designed to help us meet the expenses of supporting our Farm and our Animals while giving you the chance to help enrich the life of one or more of our animals here.

For a small fee, you can sponsor one of our resident farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep, pig, llamas, bunny, peacock) or one of our reptile/ amphibians. Your donation will go directly to the food, maintenance of housing/ bedding and medical care of the animal of your choice.

Please check out the pictures and stories about our animals below to find an animal that you would like to sponsor, or we can surprise you! If you would like to help out more, please consider sponsoring more than one animal!

Sponsor Our Farm Animals
Sponsor Our Reptiles and Amphibians