Our Bushy Hill Farm

The Bushy Hill Farm has come a long way over the past five years. The Farm was once simply a retirement home for animals and a hands-on petting zoo. Now we are in the process of revamping it into a working and educational hands-on farm that will produce many different goods such as: Goats Milk/Cheese, Sheep/Llama Wool, Eggs, Produce and Honey.

Throughout this process our number one priority remains providing our farm residents with safe and happy lives full of love. Make sure to stop by whenever and greet our friendly, sociable animals. If you come by at the right time (morning or afternoon) you can find Farmer Brendan feeding or working with them. Every animal is just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them!!!

TurtlesThe Bushy Hill Farm started over 20 years ago as an educational farm for the many programs that Incarnation Center offers. In the mid 90’s, the farm was in bad need of repair so it was closed down until the fencing and barn were fixed up in 2001. From there, Bushy Hill Farm took in various rescue animals like sheep, goats, guinea hens, ducks, llamas, cows, and many others. The day and overnight summer camp programs, school programs, conference groups, and the public visit the farm daily. Currently the farm is in a transition to be a working, educational farm including dairy goats, chickens, sheep, llamas, and donkeys.

With the introduction of the new nature center in the spring of 2014, a new animal room was developed. The reptile and amphibian room houses both native and non-native species that are used for school programs and summer camp. Most of the animals are rehomed from houses that could no longer take care of them. A group of volunteers helps take care of the room and the animals are held and taken care of regularly. Currently we have various animals including an Eastern water snake, painted turtle, wood turtle, red footed tortoises, Chinese water dragon, bearded dragon, geckos, and many more.

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