Bushy Hill Farm

**Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions our farm is unavailable for hands-on contact with the general public**
Please reach out to Georgia Male (Farm Manager) for more information

Bushy Hill Farm at Incarnation Center is a wonderful attraction on our property for outside groups to have the opportunity to be hands-on with our animals with a Bushy Hill Staff Member present.We are so fortunate to have this farm being run by our Farm Manager who dedicates a lot of time training, maintaining, and tending to the animals. We also have a great team of volunteers who help keep our animals safe and happy!

Our farm has been around for many years and has housed some really amazing animals who have touched many different peoples lives in special ways. If you are willing to aid our farm by becoming a volunteer or with a donation toward animals, maintenance, food, etc. please visit our farm sponsorship page.

Our Small Animals
  • Benedict – Male
  • Sequoia – Female
  • Ash – Male
  • Walnut – Female
  • Beech – Female
  • Maple – Female
  • Holly – Female
  • Sassafras – Female
  • Oak – Female
  • Tulip – Female
Our Medium Animals
Pigs Goats
  • Basil – Male
  • Lucy – Female
  • Helen – Female
  • Greyson – Female
  • Abe – Male
  • Boris – Male
Our Large Animals
  • Thelma – Female
  • Ace- Male