Red Footed Tortoises

Range/Habitat: These tortoises range from Panama to Venezuela, along the Andes to Brazil and Bolivia.

Diet: the bulk of their diet comes from plant matter such as seeds and fruit, they also will eat; grasses, leaves, flowers, roots, shoots, funit, invertebrates, carrion, and have even been known to eat feces from foxes!

Expected Lifespan: it is hard for scientists to determine the lifespan of these animals in the wild because their habitat is hard to navigate, but in captivity, they are known to live for 30+ years.

Fun Facts:

  • These tortoises will aestivate in hot dry weather which is when they slow down and lower their metabolic rate.
  • Adult tortoises have two main threats jaguars and humans.
  • Scientists now use trained dogs to discover hidden wild tortoises for population assessments, because they are often so well hidden in their environment.