Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Range/Habitat: They can survive in lakes, ponds, marshes, and any other still body of water. They can be found in the Great Lakes region and throughout the southeastern and south-central US.

Diet: These turtles survive mostly on small aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate species as well as aquatic plants.

Expected Lifespan: They are known to live around 30 years in the wild.

Fun Facts:

Red-eared sliders are a very common pet turtle, but because of releases of captive turtles into the wild, they are becoming an invasive species in many areas.

Turtles dont have teeth but these turtles do have serrated ridges on their upper and lower jaws to help tear food apart.

Red-eared sliders brumate over the winter at the bottom of ponds or shallow lakes and become inactive around October.